Commentary & Media Quotes

Select Commentary (Not a comprehensive list)

11401589_1437228649917551_6249476515644440525_nSeveral examples of my more popular commentary have been included below.  I also wrote a regular column on Asian defense for The Diplomat online which are not linked here but are searchable on The Diplomat‘s website.

“I Got a Story to Tell: Who Does What in National Security Policy,” War on the Rocks (February 14, 2017).
“Reading Trump: The Danger of Overanalyzing His Tweets,” Foreign Affairs (January 25, 2017).
“Preventing Nuclear War with North Korea,” Foreign Affairs (September 11, 2016).
“The Poverty of Libertarian Thinking about the U.S.-Korean Alliance,” (September 8, 2015).
“Beware China’s Strategic Doublespeak,” The National Interest (May 29, 2015).
“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Nuclear Umbrella,” Foreign Policy (May 18, 2015).
“Release the Drones,” The Hill (February 25, 2015) (with Paul Scharre and Kelly Sayler).
“Putin and the Hermit Kingdom,” Foreign Affairs (February 22, 2015).
“Kim Jong Un’s Tin Can Air Force,” Foreign Policy (November 12, 2014).
“Superiority at Any Price? Political Consequences of the First Offset Strategy,” (October 30, 2014).

Select Media Quotes (some links provided below)

The Guardian (7/5/2017)
Japan Times (7/3/2017)
Axios (6/28/2017)
Korea Herald (6/26/2017)
Korea Herald (6/20/2017)
The Atlantic (5/17/2017)
ABC News (4/19/2017)
Washington Post (4/11/2017)
Japan Times (4/10/2017)
New York Magazine (2/17/2017)
Bloomberg News (2/15/2017)
Wall Street Journal (10/13/2016)
Washington Post (10/7/2016)
Japan Times (9/28/2016)
Barron’s (2/2/2016)
Korea Times (1/25/2016)
Yonhap (11/12/2015)
VICE News (10/8/2015)
National Interest (6/14/2015)
National Security Zone (6/11/2015)
Defense News (6/4/2015)
Korea Times (5/27/2015)
Oil & Gas Journal (5/25/2015) (5/7/2015) (5/6/2015)
Arirang News TV (5/6/2015)
Yonhap (5/6/2015)
Korea Herald (5/6/2015)
Chosun Daily (4/29/2015)
Bloomberg News (4/28/2015) (3/30/15)
Yonhap (3/24/2015) (two different articles on the same day)
Korea Observer (3/24/2015)
Korea Herald (3/24/2015)
Radio Free Asia (3/24/2015)
Arirang News TV (3/23/2015)
Korea Times (3/9/2015)
NK News (3/3/2015)
International Business Times (2/27/2015)
Global Post (2/26/2015)
Yonhap (2/26/2015)
Korea Herald (2/26/2015)
KBS World Radio (2/26/2015)
Korea Times (2/16/2015)
Korea Times (1/13/2015)
NK News (1/8/2015)
War on the Rocks Podcast (12/23/2014)
War on the Rocks Beyond Offset Video Interview (12/9/2014)
NK News (12/4/2014)
NK News (12/1/2014)
JoongAng Daily (10/22/2014)
Arirang News TV (9/16/2014)
Korea Herald (9/16/2014)

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